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Taking a tour of the great township Soweto

 nelson mandela

Taking  a daily tour into Soweto and other Townships such as Alexandra and Diepsloot, South Africa with photojounalist Ilan Ossendrver and discover exciting happenings in the Townships. Walk the foots steps Neslon Mandala walked. Visit his home. As we set out we plan a theme. It could be people staring out their shack windows, residents with umbrellas or growing food or whatever we decide. I photograph, you photograph and at the end of the trip, you will receive a CD with photos of the trip or the photos dropboxed to you.

Ossendryver discusses what makes great photo! Improve on photography while enjoying South African township life. Join him with up to 5 people per group. Bring Cameras! A hat for the sun. Most of all, bring your creativity! Visit Tour Soweto for more info