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Worldlabel launches Blog – more Open Source

It was just a matter of time. There is so much to talk about, so much to share.  I know that I need to use as many social media outlets as possible in order to succeed on the Web today, especially if you own a small business. So, I convinced my colleagues at Worldlabel.com that a blog was necessary!

Labels are everywhere and we will talk about how and when to use them most effectively on the Worldlabel blog. The blog will also cover news and information about Open Source with a nod towards Openoffice.org,  free tools, productivity, how-to articles, reviews and downloads. We will try make your life easier, especially in the office – no matter if that office is in a cubicle or at home. I hope you visit Worldlabel Blog and subscribe to the feed (you’ll find the subscription box for the feed in the right column).

Software Freedom Day – huh?

No, this is not a day when you free yourself of all your software addictions. Rather, Software Freedom Day is an annual grass roots effort to educate the public on the virtues of free and open source software. The 2008 event takes place on September 20 and will be celebrated in 65 countries across the globe. So exactly what is this open source movement and why are people celebrating it? Moreover, why should you care?

Open source software is available for free, to everyone and unlike for example, Windows or Mac operating systems, it is non-proprietary – meaning it is available for others to share, build upon, change, and redistribute either in its modified or unmodified form.The source code is transparent and allows rights to users which would otherwise be prohibited by copyright. Since the source code is transparent, bugs or security flaws can quickly be discovered and patched. In a proprietary system, the software is closed and typically you are reliant on the company’s “word” that security glitches will be or have been fixed.

Just as Sunshine Laws are invaluable tools to keep the public informed of elected official’s meetings in the public interest, open source provides such user benefits in software as increased control, enhanced security, free or reduced cost and higher quality due to constant peer review of the code.Some excellent examples of open source software include Mozilla Firefox internet browser, Ubuntu operating system, OpenOffice.org, a software suite similar to Microsoft Office, GIMP image editing software and the list goes on and on from there.

So if you’re new to open source, Software Freedom Day celebrates a philosophical movement which values collaboration, community and transparency. It benefits the public good and ensures basic human freedoms are strengthened by technology, not hampered.

Libre Graphics Meeting ’08, Plea for support

The organizers of the 3rd Annual Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) 2008 in Poland are making an urgent plea to raise $20,000 to pay for conference expenses and travel of open source developers so they may attend and have a productive face-to-face conference.

The funds are critical to keep the momentum of success from previous conferences and to pave the way for the future development of open source graphic applications. There are 16 short days left to raise the necessary monies to ensure the developers’ travel is paid so they may attend this important meeting.

Supporters of open source are encouraged to pledge money and show support by posting the badge below on their sites.

To make a pledge, please visit the pledge website and spread the link – http://pledgie.com/campaigns/613

The Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 pulls together the best developers of open source graphic applications such as the GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender, Krita, the Open Clipart Library and more.

All donations will be made to the conference organizers via the GNOME Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax exempt US-based non-profit, so donations will be tax deductible for US taxpayers. Please show your support today.