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To Label-Expo, will demonstate our RFID embedding machine with Bad Tag rejection

I’m headed to Label-Expo next week, where we will reveal Worldlabel Holding’s xTrack v5 RFID smart label converting machine to the USA. Its very exciting, as the machine is state of the art and has the most advanced features in the industry. It is quite innovative, and the bad tag rejection online is especially cool. Other machines cannot do it, as they embed bad tags into the labels and then mark that label with a ink pen as bad.

xTrack V5 is able to inspect and embed only Readable & Writable RFID tags during the RFID label conversion process. All rejected RFID tags are reeled back and will not be dispensed. The machine is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of label sizes and all types/brands of RFID inlays to be accurately embedded in the label and any where in the label you want. Xtrack v5 machine will produce a roll of RFID Smart labels 99.999% readable, whereas others produce only 80% readable. It can make almost any size smart label, and the turn-around time is quick. Even those RFID baggage tags you will be seeing at an international airport near you soon, can be made with xTrack V5.

Of course, as RFID becomes more relevant in our daily lives, some social issues and definitely serious privacy concerns will become real. We will have to address them. The privacy issues are complicated, but with passive, semi-passive and active tags, only certain types of these tags/chips could become an issue. So how does one address all the privacy concerns? What can you do to protect your privacy from a RFID invasion? Not much at the moment!

One thing you can do now, if you know there is a RFID tag/chip in the item you just purchased, is to ask the merchant to deactivate it.

One solution – one I hope the RFID system integrators and sensor manufacturers can work on, so that privacy fears will diminish – is to develop sensors which read the tag on exit once and then automatically delete/damage the tag.

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Google Gadget iLabel-it CD Beta for CD label making released for iGoogle

The company I work for Worldlabel.com, a manufacturer of labels for laser and inkjet printers including all popular sizes and layouts similar to Avery Labels released a really cool Google Gadget: iLabel-it CD Beta V1 for making simple CD and DVD Labels right from you iGoogle page.

iLabel-it CD  

Quickly and easily create and label your own CD / DVD with iLabel-It-CD. Personalize the title, contents and add the date and then output to a PDF template for  printing. Use Worldlabel.com product WL-OL1200, 4.5″ CD, same size as Avery® 5824.


Add it to you iGoogle pages here