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Boxer Ronny Vargas, 20 years old. R.I.P (Update)

My very good friend I have know for 13 years has passed away. I helped train Ronny known as “Venezuela” as a kid at the Webster Police Athletic League in the Bronx. He showed some promise then but was lazy. As he matured and became more disciplined and started training hard everyday, he became a top prospect and won the NYC Golden Gloves three times.


There was hope for Ronny, he had a great chance to get out of the bad area in the Bronx where he lived but loved the people around him and probably would have stayed. He turned Pro and reached a record of 8-0 with 6 KOs.

Ronny was shot to death after an argument early Saturday in the Bronx. More New York Post, NYT and New York Daily News.


Update:  Bronx resident Jose Coimbre has been nabbed for the murder of Golden Gloves-winning boxer.  Read more: NY Daily News