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iLabel-it CD 1.0 for Apple Dashboard Released

A few months ago, the company I work for released a Google Gadget for iGoogle for creating a simple CD label. But is this cool, released a Widget for the Apple Mac on Friday and is now a Dashboard Widgets featured download.

A special thanks to Brad Anderson of for developing the widget.

Internet Dummy of the Day – My Adwords Hacked (Update)

Yes, my company’s Adwords account was kidnapped. Its one of those things, you know. I was “laid back,” got this email, and although I thought is was a bit weird, it looked very official. I thought it had something to do with the Yahoo Search Marketing and Google advertising deal. The email address had YSM in it, so – like an idiot – I clicked through. The whole story can be read on The story had to come out so others don’t fall for the same trap.

The GREAT thing here is that this “phishing” and hacking of my account caused some kind of “filter” to stop all my ads running immediately, so no ads were delivered to the spammer. This is an excellent tool and should be highlighted, and Google should be given full credit.

If you happen to get one of these emails send the info to Adwords support.


 1. Don’t reply to, or click links within, emails that ask for personal, financial, or account information.
 2. Check the message headers. The ‘From:’ address and the ‘Return-path’ should reference the same source.
 3. Instead of clicking the links in emails, go to the websites directly by typing the web address into your browser, cut and paste, or use
 4. If on a secure page, look for “https” at the beginning of the URL and the padlock icon in the browser.
 5. Use a browser that has a phishing filter (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera).
 6. Use strong passwords. A strong password should be unique; include letters, numbers, and symbols; and be changed regularly.
 7. To protect your computer from malware, keep your computer’s antivirus, spyware, browser, and security patches up to date and regularly run system scans. If you need more information about software that can help detect and remove malware from your computer, please visit

Google Gadget iLabel-it CD Beta for CD label making released for iGoogle

The company I work for, a manufacturer of labels for laser and inkjet printers including all popular sizes and layouts similar to Avery Labels released a really cool Google Gadget: iLabel-it CD Beta V1 for making simple CD and DVD Labels right from you iGoogle page.

iLabel-it CD  

Quickly and easily create and label your own CD / DVD with iLabel-It-CD. Personalize the title, contents and add the date and then output to a PDF template for  printing. Use product WL-OL1200, 4.5″ CD, same size as Avery® 5824.


Add it to you iGoogle pages here


The Itsy Bitsy Linux

Tiny LinuxThis tiny Aleutia Linux PC uses 18 watts of power – and that power can be solar! With display uses just 18 watts power, a quarter of a typical laptop!

It comes in a tough aluminium case and has no moving parts, and it is also completely silent. It comes with everything you need, including office compatible software (it runs Puppy Linux). Weighs just over a pound and just 4.5″ x 4.5″ This is the perfect unit to listen to MP3s, make PDF documents, and to play Tetris and Risk.

Visit the site to learn more!

Image via Gadgettastic.