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Reading between the lines…

To Label-Expo, will demonstate our RFID embedding machine with Bad Tag rejection

I’m headed to Label-Expo next week, where we will reveal Worldlabel Holding’s xTrack v5 RFID smart label converting machine to the USA. Its very exciting, as the machine is state of the art and has the most advanced features in the industry. It is quite innovative, and the bad tag rejection online is especially cool. Other machines cannot do it, as they embed bad tags into the labels and then mark that label with a ink pen as bad.

xTrack V5 is able to inspect and embed only Readable & Writable RFID tags during the RFID label conversion process. All rejected RFID tags are reeled back and will not be dispensed. The machine is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of label sizes and all types/brands of RFID inlays to be accurately embedded in the label and any where in the label you want. Xtrack v5 machine will produce a roll of RFID Smart labels 99.999% readable, whereas others produce only 80% readable. It can make almost any size smart label, and the turn-around time is quick. Even those RFID baggage tags you will be seeing at an international airport near you soon, can be made with xTrack V5.

Of course, as RFID becomes more relevant in our daily lives, some social issues and definitely serious privacy concerns will become real. We will have to address them. The privacy issues are complicated, but with passive, semi-passive and active tags, only certain types of these tags/chips could become an issue. So how does one address all the privacy concerns? What can you do to protect your privacy from a RFID invasion? Not much at the moment!

One thing you can do now, if you know there is a RFID tag/chip in the item you just purchased, is to ask the merchant to deactivate it.

One solution – one I hope the RFID system integrators and sensor manufacturers can work on, so that privacy fears will diminish – is to develop sensors which read the tag on exit once and then automatically delete/damage the tag.

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Software Freedom Day – huh?

No, this is not a day when you free yourself of all your software addictions. Rather, Software Freedom Day is an annual grass roots effort to educate the public on the virtues of free and open source software. The 2008 event takes place on September 20 and will be celebrated in 65 countries across the globe. So exactly what is this open source movement and why are people celebrating it? Moreover, why should you care?

Open source software is available for free, to everyone and unlike for example, Windows or Mac operating systems, it is non-proprietary – meaning it is available for others to share, build upon, change, and redistribute either in its modified or unmodified form.The source code is transparent and allows rights to users which would otherwise be prohibited by copyright. Since the source code is transparent, bugs or security flaws can quickly be discovered and patched. In a proprietary system, the software is closed and typically you are reliant on the company’s “word” that security glitches will be or have been fixed.

Just as Sunshine Laws are invaluable tools to keep the public informed of elected official’s meetings in the public interest, open source provides such user benefits in software as increased control, enhanced security, free or reduced cost and higher quality due to constant peer review of the code.Some excellent examples of open source software include Mozilla Firefox internet browser, Ubuntu operating system,, a software suite similar to Microsoft Office, GIMP image editing software and the list goes on and on from there.

So if you’re new to open source, Software Freedom Day celebrates a philosophical movement which values collaboration, community and transparency. It benefits the public good and ensures basic human freedoms are strengthened by technology, not hampered.

Boxer Ronny Vargas, 20 years old. R.I.P (Update)

My very good friend I have know for 13 years has passed away. I helped train Ronny known as “Venezuela” as a kid at the Webster Police Athletic League in the Bronx. He showed some promise then but was lazy. As he matured and became more disciplined and started training hard everyday, he became a top prospect and won the NYC Golden Gloves three times.


There was hope for Ronny, he had a great chance to get out of the bad area in the Bronx where he lived but loved the people around him and probably would have stayed. He turned Pro and reached a record of 8-0 with 6 KOs.

Ronny was shot to death after an argument early Saturday in the Bronx. More New York Post, NYT and New York Daily News.


Update:  Bronx resident Jose Coimbre has been nabbed for the murder of Golden Gloves-winning boxer.  Read more: NY Daily News

iLabel-it CD 1.0 for Apple Dashboard Released

A few months ago, the company I work for released a Google Gadget for iGoogle for creating a simple CD label. But is this cool, released a Widget for the Apple Mac on Friday and is now a Dashboard Widgets featured download.

A special thanks to Brad Anderson of for developing the widget.