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Michelle Wibowo – UK Cake Decorating Fanatic

Michelle CakesMichelle Wibowo is an award winning cake designer and decorator in London – Brighton UK. But, Michelle isn’t just ANY cake decorator…she first studied as an architect before she paid her dues at various cake shops around London. Then she went on to win various awards for her creative designs and expertise. This woman’s work is beyond words, and her cakes look too good to eat.

Visit Michelle’s site to watch videos on her decorating skills, to view her amazing portfolio, and to learn more about your ability to acquire one of her cakes…

Farming in Downtown Manhattan, Tokyo, London???

Vertical Farm

Fruits and Vegetables farming near you, right off Wall Street! What fanatics! The Vertical Farm (VF) is serious about it. Year round crops, no weather related crop failures, saving huge on transporting cost and lots of other interesting benefits. Advantages, listed from the site:

  • Vertical FarmYear-round crop production; 1 indoor acre is equivalent to 4-6 outdoor acres or more, depending upon the crop (e.g., strawberries: 1 indoor acre = 30 outdoor acres)
  • No weather-related crop failures due to droughts, floods, pests
  • All VF food is grown organically: no herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers
  • VF virtually eliminates agricultural runoff by recycling black water
  • VF returns farmland to nature, restoring ecosystem functions and services
  • VF greatly reduces the incidence of many infectious diseases that are acquired at the agricultural interface
  • VF converts black and gray water into potable water by collecting the water of evapotranspiration
  • VF adds energy back to the grid via methane generation from composting non-edible parts of plants and animals
  • VF dramatically reduces fossil fuel use (no tractors, plows, shipping)
  • VF converts abandoned urban properties into food production centers
  • VF creates sustainable environments for urban centers
  • VF creates new employment opportunities
  • We cannot go to the moon, Mars, or beyond without first learning to farm indoors on earth
  • VF may prove to be useful for integrating into refugee camps
  • VF offers the promise of measurable economic improvement for tropical and subtropical LDCs. If this should prove to be the case, then VF may be a catalyst in helping to reduce or even reverse the population growth of LDCs as they adopt urban agriculture as a strategy for sustainable food production
  • VF could reduce the incidence of armed conflict over natural resources, such as water and land for agriculture

What more could we ask for?

The Great Plaza Cake

Compare this:

No Food in Africa

…to this:

Birthday Cake

At 12 feet high, more than 3,900 pounds and with a cost of $120,000, this cake will feed more than 1000 people with fire works and all. It’s the mother of all birthday cakes and a replica of the great NY Plaza building. It’s that building’s 100th birthday and they went all out… Yes the mother of all cakes…something like 1800 eggs uses, 100s of pounds of flour…

While this celebration is going on, its sickens me to see the large disparity between the wealthy and the poor in this world. The same day that news focused on the Plaza Birthday, another story focused on the fact that Zimbabwe’s bakeries have shut and supermarkets there have warned there will be no bread for the foreseeable future. The government admitted that wheat production had collapsed following the seizure of white-owned farms.

I can go on an on about Zimbabwe and Mugabe. It is a highly contentious subject, especially for Southern Africans. I won’t, however. Instead, I urge you to hit the Support One logo on the left sidebar and start helping as much as you can to feed the poor!