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It’s National Design Week

National Design WeekDuring National Design Week (14-20 October), Cooper-Hewitt will offer free admission to all Museum visitors. Additionally, the Museum will host a series of free public programs in the Target National Design Education Center and Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden.

The centerpiece for the National Design Week will be the awards at a gala on 18 October. If you happen to be having a design event, any type or size, please visit Cooper-Hewitt’s call for events to list your activity.

An 18 Million Dollar Egg

Faberge Egg ClockA Fabergé egg, which has just been discovered and that was made for the top banking dynasty, the Rothschilds, is expected to fetch up to nine million pounds (13 million euros, 18 million dollars) when it is sold in London next month, auction house Christie’s said Thursday.

The egg was made for the Rothschild family in 1902 by Peter Carl Faberge and contains a diamond-encrusted cockerel which pops out every hour to flap its wings and nod its head while opening and shutting its beak and crowing.

One of only three known examples features a clock and a mechanical figure. It is unusually large and is enameled pink with gold detailing.

The Forbes family used to have the most comprehensive collection of Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs, but it was sold privately to a Russian oil and gas magnate, Victor Vekselberg (who is worth $2.5 billion). Vekselberg wants to return the eggs to Russia, as he states that the collection “represents perhaps the most significant example of our cultural heritage outside Russia. This is a once in a lifetime chance to give back to my country one of its most revered treasures.”

For more Faberge, visit Vivian Alexander, the Wikipedia entry for the Fabergé egg, or the Fabergé Experience.