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Idealistic habits.

Chanthou Oeur from Buddhist sculpture to Capitalist

I came home one day to notice my neighbor using my outside electricity. Chanthou Oeur and family, and a very special lovely older lady, lived next door, they were patiently waiting for there new home / office park to be rebuilt right next door to where we lived now. I really loved and respected this older lady. Their new property was also right next to were I lived and we were going to be neighbors again. WOW. Then came their daughters wedding, i opened up my house to them, went a way for the weekend so all their guest could use my shower and bathroom. We were friendly. They moved to their new home, now they had all this land and new business. A new life of capitalism and  power.

My living room window, only one window which overlooked a magnificent stream, one of the only ones flowing northing in the USA. It was my peace, my tranquil moments to sit and steer and look at natures beauty. It felt like a home forever. This were we sat and talked and ate while looking at absolute beautiful nature.

Then one-day with no notice or discussion Chanthou started dumping garbage from the work of his new enterprise real estate development and home right in front of my window (within 25 feet), blocking out all my view of the water. It was kind of weird because he owned the land around the apartment complex were we lived.

How very Buddhist of him, what concern he has for how his actions will effect others.


Then came the bright fluorescent orange obsessive obtrusive construction fence completely killing my view of everything. Especially the beautiful peaceful stream i looked at everyday for years. I called him and had a discussion, a short one because one could tell immediately it was only about HIM.

Chanthou Oeur from Buddhist sculpter to Capitalist

.. my peace and quiet my home was ruined. My tranquility was gone. The Buddhist did not care about how his actions affected others… self absorbed and now a commercial real estate owner …. 

Then came the sculpture of a Roaster hen pen right in front of the window. Now i am not the only one effected. But all the working folks living at this small apartment complex had to start listening to Roasters. But what beautiful art by such a wonderful sculpture..


Chanthou Oeur3

THEN 20 ft away just in the legal bounds to have a pen from the property lines, the blasting sounds of Roasters waking you up at 4am, or right by your window while you trying to work…. Roasters screaming and yelling….. right were you live….

3rd2nd Chanthou Oeur

Sad but True…..  never offered us an egg from his pen with 2 roasters and 4 chickens. And the beautiful view of the river from the living room was gone, my home was gone… it could never be the same…

Chanthou Oeuror Chakra Oeur also known as O'Bon

All nice and clean in front ready to rent out space and make money, while in the back, you can see ….

Kill That Tucking Mosquito Now!

Mosquito - OUCH!I mean really – almost every living thing on this planet has purpose. But,what in heavens name are mosquitoes here for besides bats getting a tasty meal filled with your blood?

I live in the woods near water, and there are plenty of those dang buggers around. But not this year in my bedroom!! No BUZZING around my ear as I’m just about to fall asleep. This might sound crazy, but you know those harmless daddy long legs spiders? The ones you keep killing? Well they Mosquito Catchbecame my buddies this summer. I purposely left one or two high up in the corner of my bedroom ceiling, and they feasted on those pests before they feasted on me. Yes it worked – not one bite all summer :)

Visit Wikipedia to read more about this horrible flying things that cause misery all over the world. But, better reading is all the remedies listed for killing them or getting rid of them, including ten tips from Thrifty Mommy and a few more tips from LifeSpy. And, if you’re squeamish about spiders – even harmless ones – you can purchase a Mosquito Mega-Catch pictured here. This machine will squash those suckers flat (one test captured up to 1,200 mosquitoes in a single night and diminished mosquito populations over an entire acre).