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Kill That Tucking Mosquito Now!

Mosquito - OUCH!I mean really – almost every living thing on this planet has purpose. But,what in heavens name are mosquitoes here for besides bats getting a tasty meal filled with your blood?

I live in the woods near water, and there are plenty of those dang buggers around. But not this year in my bedroom!! No BUZZING around my ear as I’m just about to fall asleep. This might sound crazy, but you know those harmless daddy long legs spiders? The ones you keep killing? Well they Mosquito Catchbecame my buddies this summer. I purposely left one or two high up in the corner of my bedroom ceiling, and they feasted on those pests before they feasted on me. Yes it worked – not one bite all summer :)

Visit Wikipedia to read more about this horrible flying things that cause misery all over the world. But, better reading is all the remedies listed for killing them or getting rid of them, including ten tips from Thrifty Mommy and a few more tips from LifeSpy. And, if you’re squeamish about spiders – even harmless ones – you can purchase a Mosquito Mega-Catch pictured here. This machine will squash those suckers flat (one test captured up to 1,200 mosquitoes in a single night and diminished mosquito populations over an entire acre).

Surfing, Skiing Animals

Surfing Squirrel

TwiggyYes, folks – this is Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel. Don’t know if the squirrel was named for Twiggy, the 1960s pop icon (shown at right in the 1960s), or for the twig-like cable that Twiggy latches on to as he’s pulled around a pool by a little power boat (see below). I think it’s the latter, but who knows. What talent! What entertainment for the kids!

You can also watch Twiggy’s video or read more about this enlightened squirrel, who was rescued after being blown from her nest after a hurricane and taken in by Chuck and Lou Ann Best. That’s not the only video that Twiggy starred in (as in the squirrel), as some of Twiggy’s credits include three movies, “Good Morning America,” “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” “The Wayne Brady Show,” and “Late Night with David Letterman.” She also has been noted in school books, the Encyclopedia Britannica, on covers of magazines, on many television game shows and even had her picture on Interstate billboards promoting some of her shows. What have YOU done this year?

While you’re at it, you can also view a surfing Chihuahua.

Twiggy in pool

Baboon, Monkey and Birds Falling in Love?

Monkey and pigeon

First, an abandoned 12-week-old macaque develops a friendship with a white pigeon in China…read more.

Then, as reported by Reuters news, Washington Post and other major news media outlets, a lonely baboon in a private Lithuanian zoo has adopted a chicken he saved from certain death last month and the two have formed a fast friendship. Watch the baboon take care of his new friend.