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The OpenDocument Format Alliance Reaction To Diflucan, (ODF Alliance) is an organization of governments, academic institutions, associations and industry dedicated to educating policy makers, IT administrators and the public on the benefits and opportunities of ODF. Launched in March 2006, the ODF Alliance now has over 480 member organizations in 53 countries. Reaction To Diflucan uk, Following the trend at the national level, three regional governments - Kerala (a state in southwestern India), Misiones (a province in northeast Argentina), and Paraná (a state in southern Brazil) – adopted policies requiring the use of ODF, Reaction To Diflucan india. The year ended on a high note, with the Netherlands and South Africa officially adopting policies requiring ODF's use by government agencies, 30mg Reaction To Diflucan, joining ten other countries that had already done so. Norway required the use of ODF for all published, revisable documents on government web sites.

Software support for ODF grew rapidly in 2007 and now includes over 40 applications, with more than a dozen announcements of new or improved support during the months of September and October alone, Reaction To Diflucan.

“The Open Document Format, 100mg Reaction To Diflucan, as completely open and ISO-standardized format, is an excellent vehicle for exchange of knowledge and information in the globalized age.”
Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Reaction To Diflucan canada, German Federal Minister Affairs

“I'll put government data online in universally accessible formats."
Senator Barack Obama in a speech at Google's Mountain View, Calif., campus where he revealed his detailed IT plan for a more open.

Announcements of ODF support from major vendors in 2007 included IBM's Lotus Notes and Symphony, Apple's TextEdit, Reaction To Diflucan craiglist, and Corel's WordPerfect Office X3.

With the continued migration of word processing to the Internet, 20mg Reaction To Diflucan, 2007 saw the emergence of several web-based applications for which ODF support has already been implemented or new support is planned, among them Adobe's Buzzword, Zoho Writer, and ajaxWrite, Reaction To Diflucan paypal.

Yes adoption is spreading fast: Belguin, Brazil, Reaction To Diflucan coupon, Croatia, Denmark, France, Japan, 500mg Reaction To Diflucan, Malasia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Poland and more countries coming on the ODF train in 2008.

Read the complete 2007 Annual report and the outlook for 2008

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