Sculptures and Art with a Piece of Paper

Alive but Dead Close-up

Alive But DeadAbove: A close-up from Callesen’s “Alive But Dead” image, seen in full at right.

Peter Callesen is a talented artist and definitely a fellow fanatic at creating magnificent, sometimes bewildering art from paper. His work encompasses beauty and fragility and is truly one of the creators of unique art.

Most recently he has started making white paper cuts/sculptures inspired by fairytales and romanticism exploring the relationship between two and three dimensionality, between image and reality. Callesen states, “I find the materialization of a flat piece of paper into a 3D form as an almost magic process – or maybe one could call it obvious magic, because the process is obvious and the figures still stick to their origin, without the possibility of escaping. In that sense there is also an aspect of something tragic in most of the cuts.”

Below: a Large Scale Papercut Installation entitled, “Erected Ruin.”


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