Fixation on Feeling Mobile

House on LegsThe need to feel mobile is part of human character. Perhaps one reason behind this is that all our ancestors were on the move, migrating to other continents to get away from Big Brother or simply on the move to find food. No fight or flight here…just the need to feel mobile…and perhaps take the comforts of home with you or…not!

House CarAt right: Markus Voglreiter, an architect-general from Salzburg in Germany, built this 14 metre-long and 10 meter-high house with about 300 sq. meters of floor space. Yes, it’s electric. There are no emissions. Oh, gosh – is it a Tesla?

InnovanAt left: The Innovan, an aerodynamic and inexpensive way to attach a house to a car. Just take out the folding chairs and have a sit, as the world is your back porch. Oh yeah – and the shower is outdoors as well.

Trailer houseAt Right: Roger Beck’s Some Turtles Have Nice Shells: A Picture Book of Handbuilt Housetrucks and Housebuses is a guide to the global subculture of house trucking, including a brief instruction manual for building your own whimsical mobile home on top of an old truck or bus chassis. Visit Handmade Houses for more, you gypsy, you.

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