Finding the Comfortable Position

WorkstationIt is an endless pursuit finding that right position to feel comfortable if you spend hours working on the web. Additionally, working with a 24″ or 30″ monitor just doesn’t help. I shuffle, suffer back pain and my shoulders curve in as I strain my eyes – I just move closer and closer to the screen only to find myself in sitting with horrible posture. Sometimes I wonder about putting seat belts on while working on the computer….just to restrain myself and to remind myself to straighten up.

The best thing to do is make all the correct dimensions of your work
station conform to your physique and don’t let anyone change them. Align everything up! Use this ergonomic guide to make a work station that fits you.

Chairs can be awesome!! I would prefer something like the chairs shown here, except that it reminds me of being in a dentist’s chair…and I’m not fond of those chairs!

WorkstationIn fact, the red chair shown here is a G-Tech Neber chair, which is actually is a part computer table and a part dentist’s chair.

Just think – if you can’t work in this chair, you can watch a movie and take a nap! The chair shown at the beginning of this article was discovered at crave, and it’s an “Aura” by Poetic Technologies. The chair is adjustable seven ways and it can be ordered with inflatable and deflatable cushions. In fact, the whole work station can be rotated up to 120 degrees. You can follow the sun’s path if you have windows in your office!

From the crave site:

As if that’s not enough, this uber-work station controls its own micro-climate, electronically filtering oxygen before delivery and letting its occupant change air settings up to 21.5 times per hour. If any people actually do this, however, we suggest they seriously consider bringing a sweater to work. But if they refuse, the Aura can be ordered with optional radiant heating.

So when are they going to invent a work station that turns into a helicopter?

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