Colour Lovers Unite

Wood Nymph at ColourLovers

The pattern shown at left is “wood nymph” by misat.

If you love color, but if you have trouble understand what works well together, then you have a friend in ColourLovers. This site offers all sorts of articles, tools, and guidelines for the color-illiterate. But, individuals who have color snapped can also benefit from this site. Some of the color and design portfolios at this site are out of this world.

Post It Notes

One of my favorite articles is on how people use Post-it notes to create works of art. This routine piece of paper – most often used to keep track of important ‘to-do’ items – has been used to paper walls in designs that are whimsical like the one shown here, or in patterns that create human faces and other recognizable objects.

While some might view this use of paper as an ecological waste, it’s better than using lead-based paints! And it’s a much, much better way to express creativity than through any LED-lit fur coat!

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