Coin Stacking Fanatic

Coin TowerTalk about some fanatics! Page after page of stacked coins. Coins used to build castles, towers (like the one built by Sweden’s John Sterling shown here), and more.

It takes an incredible amount of patience, let alone a large amount of coinage to create some of these sculptures. But you can learn how to make simple sculptures like the “Nickel Spiral,” the “Penny Bridge,” the “Two Span Penny Bridge,” and more at Coin Stacking for Fun.

While you’re at this site, you can also visit the coin stacking “Picture of the Week,” and peruse over twenty-six pages of photos focused on coin stacking creations.

The site belongs to Mitch Fincher, and these pages were created from a talk he gave while a Civil Engineering student at Texas Tech University. The basic patterns were used to show how to create basic patterns for cantilever structures. Unlike structures, no glue (as in cement) is used to hold these sculptures together.

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