Taking a tour of the great township Soweto

 nelson mandela

Taking  a daily tour into Soweto and other Townships such as Alexandra and Diepsloot, South Africa with photojounalist Ilan Ossendrver and discover exciting happenings in the Townships. Walk the foots steps Neslon Mandala walked. Visit his home. As we set out we plan a theme. It could be people staring out their shack windows, residents with umbrellas or growing food or whatever we decide. I photograph, you photograph and at the end of the trip, you will receive a CD with photos of the trip or the photos dropboxed to you.

Ossendryver discusses what makes great photo! Improve on photography while enjoying South African township life. Join him with up to 5 people per group. Bring Cameras! A hat for the sun. Most of all, bring your creativity! Visit Tour Soweto for more info





Just a matter of time and Thermal Labels

What took me so long is just so crazy. You know those labels you see on every package, say from Amazon with barcodes on them. Sometimes as many as 6 labels because the package went threw multiple distribution points. Well LabelsOntime.com, a new divsion for thermal labels has been formed by Worldlabel Holdings Inc. just to sell those types.


This Thermal Barcode label division of Worldlabel Holdings Inc  will offer 4″ and 8″ OD roll and fan-folded labels for direct thermal and thermal transfer printers in all popular sizes, materials and colors online. Labels Ontime will be a sales division focussing on marketing its PrintPeelApply brand thermal labels offline by developing a sales organization and finding customers in traditional way.

thermal-labels 2

Labels for Zebra Printers as well as Epson, Sato, Datamax for thermal transfer and direct thermal printing are now available on the website Labelsontime.com for ordering. Over 150 sizes are stocked in 4 strategically located warehouses including several smaller satellite warehouses scattered nation-wide, for same-day shipping. Delivery is in 1 to 2 days to almost every major metropolitan area in the USA.

Follow LatestSightings.com and see it all

My nephew Nadav Ossendryver started an amazing website called Latestsightings.com. Yes it is amazing, but even more so, it is brilliant.  For animal lovers and those in search to see a wild exotic animal crusing around naturally in its own habitat, this site is a must. Or even for those in search of a rare bird!

I have been to several animal parks with Nadav. Once, when he was about 8 years old, it was something special being with him!!!  His knowledge of animals at that point was incredible. But what was simply astonding was the relentless drive to keep looking and searching for any animal, or bird he could find. While I was sleeping, as well as the rest of the family on the trip at 3 am, Nadav was at the look out post, seeing if any animal was coming to the water hole.

Folks upload thier latest sightings, telling you the exact location, what the animal, bird,  insects and reptiles is doing and the name of the spotter. Sometimes folks even upload an awesome photo of what they are sighting. Check out Latestsightings.com